I created this "How To Improve Eyesight" blog because I believe that your vision is one of your most important tools for experiencing the world!

In this modern age of flashing lights and life on the other side of a computer screen, you are at risk for developing eye problems. I will share my knowledge to help you protect and improve your eyes naturally. With some simple eye nutrition and eye vitamins and eye exercises you may even be able to ween off of those pesky glasses.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and learn something new. Thanks for clicking!

Steeping Tea For Eyes

Tip: Effortless Get Rid Of Eye Puffiness Trick

According to Dr. Oz, The Good Life If for some reason your skin does not repair itself around your eyes you will retain water, and your eyes get puffy…we all know that one! Steep green-teabags in boiling water for a minute, then freeze overnight!

Eco Friendly Cleaning

The Dirt On Cleaning Products And Your Eyes

Cleaning chemicals can be hazardous not only to our lung health, and our general health, but also  to our EYE HEALTH. Below is a great article by David Suzuki, “The Dirt On Household Cleaners” One of the most irritant to our eyes can be the “deodorizer”.   Here are two household cleaners that are NOT toxic.  […]

aging vision

75% Of Population Could Avoid Vision Loss

If you ask anyone which disability they fear the most, and the majority will say “loosing my sight”. It is a valid fear, and also a growing concern in our country, and in North America. Age is one of the biggest risk for vision loss (and  we can’t stop aging, but, we can start managing […]

Happy Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Posts

Happy Thanksgiving Be Eye Safe During Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving And Merry Christmas! Pay Special Attention To These Eye Tips!