I created this "How To Improve Eyesight" blog because I believe that your vision is one of your most important tools for experiencing the world!

In this modern age of flashing lights and life on the other side of a computer screen, you are at risk for developing eye problems. I will share my knowledge to help you protect and improve your eyes naturally. With some simple eye nutrition and eye vitamins and eye exercises you may even be able to ween off of those pesky glasses.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and learn something new. Thanks for clicking!

Happy Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Announcement: Thanksgiving Posts

Happy Thanksgiving Be Eye Safe During Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving And Merry Christmas! Pay Special Attention To These Eye Tips! Ah, the joy of the holiday (and yes, the rush, the stress also) is here. Yes, they are. Two of my favorite holidays… Thanksgiving (and yes, the real thanksgiving:) and of course, right around the corner, […]

aging vision

75% Of Population Could Avoid Vision Loss

If you ask anyone which disability they fear the most, and the majority will say “loosing my sight”. It is a valid fear, and also a growing concern in our country, and in North America. Age is one of the biggest risk for vision loss (and  we can’t stop aging, but, we can start managing […]

improve your vision

How You Can Strengthen Your Eyes For Better Vision

You can be pro active in your vision care and get better vision! 1 Don’t get enough vitamin A?  Eat Carrots. Vitamin A deficiency is rare, but if you think your are NOT getting enough of it, here are some sources. Don’t supplement for Vitamin A unless you do have a deficiency, talk to your […]

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Announcement: Improper Use of Decorative Contact Lenses May Haunt And Hurt You

photo credit: bridey.ayers Every year, the approach of Halloween heightens fears at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that consumers will harm their eyes with unapproved decorative contact lenses. These are contact lenses that some people use to temporarily change their eye color or to make their eyes look weird—for example, giving them an […]