Depth Perception – How Deep Do You Need To See?

Eye Problems – Depth perception problem.

Depth perception is the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions. It is a trait common to many higher animals. Depth perception allows the beholder to accurately gauge the distance to an object.
You Have Two Eyes – That Means – Two Different Views! (Close One Eye
& Look Out The Other – You Will See Different In Each Eye)

We all (generally) have two eyes and one brain that processes what we see. The difference in our visual perception out of each eye gives us the 3D effect. (This is a simple explanation).

Here are some activities that require 3D Vision
– parking your car
– playing ball
– constructing 3D objects
– seeing things that go up and down (like steps and curbs)
These are just a few of the daily uses of our 3D vision!

There are many different reasons why you drugs may NOT have 3D vision. Always see your doctor. And, always take a pro-active role in your eye care!

Do you have 3D vision? One simple test (not for diagnosis or treatment – just for entertainment)

1) Look at this eyeball.

2) Now, put your thumb about 1 foot right in front of your nose between your two eyes

Eye Problems

— focus on the eye, you should see two thumbs

— focus on the thumb and you should see two eyes


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