Top 5 Reasons Your Eyes Get Tired Eyes And How To Remedy Them

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Symptoms of tired eyes:

-Your eyelids feel very heavy
-You have burning in your eyes and find yourself rubbing them
-Your eyes may feel like they have grit in them
-And, last, the eye gets red

1 – Eye Strain: You have too many mental pictures. You focus with your eyes closed. Do you ever just sit there, or even drive, and in your mind you have pictures of something. For instance, you can picture people, food, places, whatever you are thinking about. Believe it or not, it can become a strain for your eyes to focus on “daydreams”

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Also, take a break from your computer. Don’t stare and focus on the screen for endless hours. Make a habit to get up and move. Or, at least every now and then, take a look around the room. Read something on your bulletin board. Look out the window. Look at the pictures on the wall. Close your eyes without thinking of anything. Just let them rest

2 – Environmental: This may not be totally in your control. If you work in an environment that is not good for your eyes, see if you can get more “breaks” from where you are. Also, go to the health store and get some natural eye wash, refresher. Of course, these days, smoke should no longer be an issue!

Pollution can be an issue. Again, see whatever natural help you can buy to keep your eyes “clean” and not irritated.

3 – Tiredness: Try to rest your eyes regularly. Even closing them for a few minutes if possiblewill help your eyes recuperate. Try to get the right amount of sleep.

4 – Excessive crying: Well, unfortunately, this will need to remedy itself. Whatever is upsetting you will need to be confronted, or, worked out.

5 – Stress: This is a killer. Excessive stress can lead to many problems in many areas of your life. Again, try to relax your eyes regularely.

Go for walks, long if you can, short ones if you can’t go for the long ones. And, when you are walking, don’t think of stuff, try and look around you. Really look at where you are walking, see the things that are there. This is a good exercise for your eyes. Many people do not look at what is around them, rather, they focus intensely at pictures inside of themselves.

Work on it. It’s worth it.

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