These Crying Eyes – Good For Your Cornea

Orange Tear Drop
Creative Commons License photo credit: KiSS_Ze_CHeF

Do you know about the Rebuild Your Vision System?

Crying is good for the heart and the soul.  And, it is also good for the eyes.

Basically, there are three types of tears:

** Emotional tears, which may be a way for the body to expel excess hormones

** Reflex tears,  this is so the eye can get rid of irritants.  Kind of like when you are chopping an onion…you cry.

** Basal tears, these help the eye to keep healthy by expelling dust, irritants and helps the cornea to stay healthy.

Do you know about the Rebuild Your Vision System?

Orlin developed the Rebuild Your Vision program and improved his vision from 20/85 to 20/25 in 30 days passing the visual acuity test given to United States Navy fighter pilots. From that day forward, he threw away his glasses after using them for nearly 10 years. A few months later,
the restriction that he was required to wear glasses while flying was removed from his FAA medical certificate. The one thing he had always been told he had no control over has been overcome.

Orlin continues to improve the Rebuild Your Vision Program while formulating state-of-the-art natural vision health supplements.


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