An Excerpt From: Aging Vision? Manage Your Eye Care

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You can’t stop aging, but, you can become proactive to help stop WHAT aging can do to you.  Your eyes can be devastatingly affected by aging  There are lifestyle changes that will help protect you from some of these conditions.

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– A healthier lifestyle, including healthy foods with lots of antioxidants, is one way.  Eye exercise is another way.

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You can reverse your vision problems safely and naturally. Just like the tens-of-thousands of people who’ve come before you.

Why Your Vision Deteriorates With Age

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Getting old is inevitable, but losing your vision doesn’t have to be.

Presbyopia, or “aging vision,” as it is commonly referred to,is the hardening of the lens and tightening of the eye muscles associated with aging.

This condition occurs in nearly everyone at some point in their lives, typically around the age of 40. Read the whole article here

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