20/20 Vision May Be Possible For You Without Glasses

Almost everyone will agree that sight is one of our most important body functions and gifts we have.  This is because almost 80 % of our perception / experiences come from what we see, and how we perceive it.

Good eyesight is important to us, and being used every moment when we are awake. 20/20 Vision is possible!

Why Eyeglasses Could Actually Be WORSENING Your Visionimprove vision

Sure, when you put on your new glasses you will see better, instantly.  But, eyeglasses only remedy your symptom, and do NOT address the problem.  So, over and over again you will need stronger glasses.  This is actually harming your vision, and NOT helping you improve your vision.

And, most people do not realize that there are very many variables throughout the day, and your current life condition that can cause you to have temporary bad vision issues.  Stress and lack of sleep and environmental issues are just a few factors that can cause you temporary vision problems. Even blurry vision.

No one has perfect or good or excellent vision all the time.  Even the time of day can vary your visual acuity.

This means that we all, including our kids, do not have a static and unchanging vision.  And, it is not impaired when vision is tested at a low time. Our vision changes a lot throughout a day.

New Prescription Glasses Will Not Compensate For The Variable Daily Vision Changes, Or The Vision Changes Caused By Other Factors

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In simple language, eyeglasses change a vision that is variable throughout the day.  

Wearing glasses causes vision to decrease constantly, needing stronger vision aids throughout your life.

Some people have actually noticed that, if they break or lose their glasses, and don’t replace them right away their vision may actually improve.

And, of course there are other negatives to glasses:

  • The cost of going to a doctor, and of the glasses themsleves can be very high
  • They are not a natural remedy for your body, and they could be sending the wrong signals to your brain
  • They have now found that, amongst the aging population, the new progressive type of glasses are causing dangerous falls because of the “wrong sense” they send to the brain, causing perception problems.

Your child needs to have their vision checked by an appropriate eye professional, a pediatric ophthalmologist.

And why would that be?

The “Vanderbilt University School of Medicine” has published an article in “Journal of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus”

This study showed:

That Optometrists prescribe visual aids 35% of the time

And General ophthalmologists prescribe visual aids 12% of the time

And that Pediatric ophthalmologists will only prescribe visual aids 2% of the time.

So You Ask, Do Eye Exercises Really Work?

There is more to a vision improvement system than only eye exercises.

Much of the problem is that our eyes lose the ability to focus, near and far, because they are too strained, to tight, too stressed and too tired for many reasons.

Actually learning to relax your eye can help you improve your vision tremendously. 

So how do your eyes get into this state?  Well, that’s easy.  Eye stress comes from being overworked and tired.  Eye stress comes from staring, sometimes for hours at a screen, an Ipad, a smart phone.  From texting, reading small font on your screen.  From staring at videos for hours.  From working on your computer for hours without resting your eyes.

Your eyes are do not need to change focus anymore, as they used to when you were a kid, instead, your vision point has become constantly.  This causes tremendous eye stress, and loss of the ability to focus from point to point, near or far.

So, you may be able to look down the street, but you may have trouble changing your focus if you dropped something and try to find it, especially if you dropped something small.  This happened to me quite a bit, I am on the computer for much of the day, and if I would drop something like an ear ring, I had a hard time to adjust my focus to find it.  My husband on the other hand, only on the computer, or any monitor for a very short time, usually found it instantly.  I could even tell that I had a hard time focusing on the “near” area.

It really can be this simple!

Check out this article on eye strain and stress, spending too much time in front of any screen.computer eye stress

Of course, if you have a physiological reason for eye problems, that is a different matter altogether.  Such as diabetes and your eyesight.

And even your mental state of mind or your emotions can cause you to have blurry vision.  I know at a very stressful time of my life, I had a really hard time to read the notes in my music books, I play the organ.  But, on days were I felt great, my reading improved. 

I hear this more and more from my friends.  Even being sick like the cold and flu can cause you eye problems and blurry vision.

Also, Your Lifestyle Such As Diet, Environment And Exercise Has A Big Effect On Your Eyes And Your Vision.

eye vitaminObviously, you cannot change all of your environmental conditions.  But, you can manage some of them.  And one of the biggest hazards is smoke.  Yes, either smoking or being in smoke.  This can be extremely dangerous to your eye health (among other health issues, of course.)

  • Your eyes need lutein (I am sure you heard of this by now).  Lutein is found in broccoli, in spinach, and in zucchini.  And, all eye supplements I know of contain lutein.  Look for it in the ingredient label.
  • Omega 3 is very good for your eye health.  It is an established fact.  Ask your eye doctor about it.  wpid-Sealogix2.jpgOmega 3 is fish oil fatty acids.  This is the best way for your body to utilize this nutrient.
  • And, another very important nutrient is: zeaxanthin and lutein.
  • Eat lots of foods with different colors, fruits, vegetables and lots of salads.
  • Don’t drink pop.  Avoid the fast foods and processes foods.  They usually contain all the wrong fats, too processed flour, and too much white sugar and chemicals.
  • Always use sunglasses, even in the winter.

And, What About The Bates Method.

Doctor Bates, the father of natural vision improvement is already from 100 years ago!

Dr. Bates was a real ophthalmologist at the Cornell University. He practiced 30 + years and gathered many experiences from his patients during this time.

Dr  Bates came to the conclusion that there were more natural ways to treat many eye conditions. Especially in the eye stress and relaxation part of improving vision.

So How Can You Improve Your Vision?

eye vitaminsI suggest you check out this website for the program that you know will work for you! If you have the following problems, you can be helped.

  • Are you near sighted, or far sighted and use glasses?
  • Do you have astigmatism?
  • Do you have problem reading, or seeing an object up close?
  • Do you feel that your vision is slowly, but constantly getting worse?
  • Are you suffering from eye strain?  From working or being on the computer too long?

WARNING:  This program is not going to work for everyone!

First, it’s not a quick fix, you will need to spend about 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Here is a short summery of what to do NOW to help have a healthy eyesight.