Problems Seeing Up Close? Check Out: Read Without Glasses Method

Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness can make it hard, even make it impossible to focus on objects that are near. Our eyes “shift gears” so to speak, to be able to focus to items up close.

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Unfortunately due to various reasons, many people do have problems viewing up close items. We see up close items as blurred.  Hence, you will see man people read menus, newspapers, articles at full arm’s length.

Today’s jobs and even for today’s students, many of us do work on a computer, or screen, or reading many hours at a time.   It is very important for us to manage our farsighted ness in order to function efficiently.

What is the cause of farsightedness?

Our eyes do not have sufficient power in order to focus on near objects. There is a longer, more technical explanation to do with light, and how it is hitting our eyes, and how the eyes respond to the light.
It will often be caused by “short eyes”, or corneas that are not curvy enough, or the eye’s lense is not in the 100% right position.

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More of these conditions are aging eyes, tumors of the eyes, our eye lense becomes dislocated…

Natural Solutions To Farsightedness
Of course, an unnatural solution would be to use corrective lenses, or even surgery, Lasik.

There are ways that you can help naturally:
1 – Wear a good pair (not costly,  but effective) of sunglasses.  UV rays play havoc with your eye health.
2 – Work and study and play in good lighting.  You don’t need to strain you eyes.
3 – Eating, and drinking healthy food choices is imperative.  As is exercise!
4 – Eye exercises, eye relaxation exercises are very helpful.