You Need Eye Vitamins And Eye Nutrients

wpid Ocuplus You Need Eye Vitamins And Eye Nutrients I will introduce to you 11 eye vitamins and nutrients which researchers have found to be very important for your eye-health.

These are not nutrients that you wish to miss, so make sure to include them into your diet.

Most people, until recently, do not think of nutrition for improving their eye health. Research has proven that nutrition, vitamins are a vital part of your eye health. So what you eat and drink has a vital role in your eye care.

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You Can Fight Myopia, Near Sightedness Naturally

Unfortunately myopia is beginning to be more and more common in young people. Some of the reasons could be:  015 Kozzi laptop 416x312 You Can Fight Myopia, Near Sightedness Naturally
Computer Stress Symptom, obviously is from an increased usage of computers, videos, and smart phones.  Your eyes are focusing for hours at a time on near objects, and your eyes are not getting any relief by looking at far objects.  Your eyes get very very tense from staring for long periods of time.  And your muscles are not getting the relief from looking away at far objects.  And, your blink rate decreases, causing more harm.  

 (Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition where objects up close appear clearly, while objects far away appear blurry. With myopia, light comes to focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina. Check this article on the different refractive errors.)

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20/20 Vision May Be Possible For You Without Glasses

Almost everyone will agree that sight is one of our most important body functions and gifts we have.  This is because almost 80 % of our perception / experiences come from what we see, and how we perceive it.

Good eyesight is important to us, and being used every moment when we are awake. 20/20 Vision is possible!

Why Eyeglasses Could Actually Be WORSENING Your Vision01 Kozzi surprised smiley with glasses 352x368 95x100 20/20 Vision May Be Possible For You Without Glasses

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Seven Important Diet Tips For Improved Eye Health

This is a guest blog post from Her Fitness Journal

Nutrition plays a very important part in proper eye health. Aside from having regular eye check ups and taking eye vitamin supplements it is imperative that one must be aware of what food to eat to maintain a clear eyesight and good vision. Diseases of bigstockphoto FRESH SALAD 31577 Seven Important Diet Tips For Improved Eye Healththe eye may produce serious visual defects that may progress as one gets older. However, with proper diet that can be started at a young age, the formation of such diseases can be prevented from happening and further improve the quality of vision. The following dietary guide shows how nutrition plays a big part in improving eye health.

Vitamin A

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How Do Eye Exercises Work?

Vision, eyesight training is a set of eye exercises and eye techniques that are used so you can improve, and maintain, and even prevent certain visual disorders.
Rebuild Your Vision Logo sm How Do Eye Exercises Work?
A Vision training program is created to upgrade the whole visual system. This vision training can improve numerous disorders. Like the rest of our body, our eyes can also be trained and exercised. These exercises will help you develop new and good eye habits.

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Are There Really Vitamins For Eyes

So why do you need eye vitamins?

1. To improve your eye health
2. To improve the clarity of your eyesight
3. To protect your eyesight against:  Glaucoma, or Cataracts, or Macular Degeneration

As many of my blog posts state, the Ocu-Plus Eye Vitamins Formula contains 17 eye vitamins, minerals, and herbals for your eyes.  Your eyes need these to to maintain healthy eyes and clear vision. They are a must for you to maintain, or even improve your eye health.

Here Is The Website; Go And Check It Out

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Carrots Help You See Better At Night-A Very Funny Myth

carrot vision200width Carrots Help You See Better At Night A Very Funny Myth Wow, I just heard (yes heard cause it was a video icon smile Carrots Help You See Better At Night A Very Funny Myth an amazing eye story on Dr Oz website. So, I did some research and here it is.

carrot myth 300x219 Carrots Help You See Better At Night A Very Funny Myth
You can read the whole article here

So, here is a summary of this amazing carrot myth / story. And yes, carrots are good for many health conditions, just not so for our eyes…

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