3 Ways to Easily Improve Vision Naturally

Today we are constantly using our eyes to stare at screens, big screens, small screens, 3 ways to improve visioneven teeny screens. We use computers, cell phones / smart phones, iPads all day long. This leads to tired eyes, dry eyes (because when we stare at the screen, we stop blinking) and other eye problems.

We are living longer, and more active than ever before. Aging does NOT have to mean diminished vision. There are tips and pro-active actions you can take to better your vision now, and keep your vision sharp even as you age.

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Naturally Improving Your Vision…Does It Really Work?

Natural Vision Correction: Does It Work?3 ways to improve vision

Exercising our body makes us stronger, and, exercising certain body parts will make those stronger. So, is it fairly safe to assume that exercising our eyes will therefore make our eyes stronger?

Glasses No More?  Is This The Secret?

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How Can You Improve Your Eyesight Naturally? Learn 3 Ways How

More than at any other time our eyes now have to stare at small screens, small type, computer eye stressiPhones, iPads, computer screens, videos, games…  and we do this for many hours at a time. This is now causing some very new eye problems:  eye fatigue, eye stress, near vision stress. And, this also will lead to age related problems as we get older.

You can, however do it all, just do it responsibly.  You don’t have to have vision problems in the future.  Eye stress, dry eyes have a new meaning in today’s computer / screen world.


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You Need Eye Vitamins And Eye Nutrients

eye vitaminsI will introduce to you 11 eye vitamins and nutrients which researchers have found to be very important for your eye-health.

These are not nutrients that you wish to miss, so make sure to include them into your diet.

Most people, until recently, do not think of nutrition for improving their eye health. Research has proven that nutrition, vitamins are a vital part of your eye health. So what you eat and drink has a vital role in your eye care.

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You Can Fight Myopia, Near Sightedness Naturally

Unfortunately myopia is beginning to be more and more common in young people. Some of the reasons could be: 
Computer Stress Symptom, obviously is from an increased usage of computers, videos, and smart phones.  Your eyes are focusing for hours at a time on near objects, and your eyes are not getting any relief by looking at far objects.  Your eyes get very very tense from staring for long periods of time.  And your muscles are not getting the relief from looking away at far objects.  And, your blink rate decreases, causing more harm.  

 (Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition where objects up close appear clearly, while objects far away appear blurry. With myopia, light comes to focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina. Check this article on the different refractive errors.)

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20/20 Vision May Be Possible For You Without Glasses

Almost everyone will agree that sight is one of our most important body functions and gifts we have.  This is because almost 80 % of our perception / experiences come from what we see, and how we perceive it.

Good eyesight is important to us, and being used every moment when we are awake. 20/20 Vision is possible!

Why Eyeglasses Could Actually Be WORSENING Your Visionimprove vision

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Seven Important Diet Tips For Improved Eye Health

This is a guest blog post from “Her Fitness Journal” (Not online anymore)

Nutrition plays a very important part in proper eye health. Aside from having regular eye check ups and taking eye vitamin supplements it is imperative that one must be aware of what food to eat to maintain a clear eyesight and good vision. Diseases of eye nutrientsthe eye may produce serious visual defects that may progress as one gets older. However, with proper diet that can be started at a young age, the formation of such diseases can be prevented from happening and further improve the quality of vision. The following dietary guide shows how nutrition plays a big part in improving eye health.

Vitamin A

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